The Jewel of Nineveh

The Jewel of Nineveh

The Jewel of Nineveh by Diavosh BassitiA lone thief fleeing conflict is trapped in a city being torn apart by intrigue, and finds his talents gain him the unwelcome attention of vying factions. His endurance and cunning are tested to breaking point as he struggles to stay alive and the spectre of war descends. As the stakes grow higher than his own problems he faces a dilemma; can one man make a difference?

—“A richly woven Persian rug of a story”.

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The Thief

The Thief by Diavosh BassitiA young thief mounts a daring and perilous burglary, but finds things do not turn out the way he’d expected.You can freely download ‘The Thief’, the short story that led to The Jewel of Nineveh, at Smashwords in any format you like, or at many major ebook retailers.

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