The Craft of Shadows Podcast

05 Feb

The Craft of Shadows Podcast: An exciting weekly serialised audiobook podcast of the fantasy adventure book

We’re now a month into the new Craft of Shadows Podcast, kicking things off with a full reading of the fantasy action-adventure novel; “The Jewel of Nineveh“, and will be posting a new chapter each week.

This is our first venture into audiobook storytelling, so if you enjoy regular ad-free content make sure to support the show. Tell your friends, share on social media and like/upvote the episodes you enjoy.

As the world-building site, will host all the links to new podcast content as well as providing supplementary resources such as high-resolution maps, as well as background material on the world that hasn’t made it into any of the books (yet!).

Craft Of Shadows Podcast Links

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